Is 98 Degree’s New Single ‘Girls Night Out’ Creepy?

You might have heard about the reunion of ‘90s boy band, 98 Degrees, when they announced the big news last year. As soon as word hit the media, fans everywhere were raving and excited about hearing the guys behind such hits as “Just One Night (Una Noche)” and “I do” make sweet music again.

Well the world just got to listen to the band’s latest single and the verdict is — it’s kinda creepy.

The newly released track called “Girls Night Out” is exactly the kind of music a boy band should make. It talks about being attracted to ladies at a club. But as HuffPost has pointed out, this boy band is no longer a boy band; it’s composed of men nearing 40 years of age, with three out of four of them married and with kids. They’re “not exactly the type of men you want singing about all of the women that they want to hook up with in the club.”

Perhaps fans were hoping for something of an update from the band, and ready to hear something different. It has been 13 years since the men released their last album, and in that time their fan base has grown up and changed. The things that worked for them back then, might not work for them now.

We’ll wait to see how their upcoming album does. 2.0 drops May 7th. Until then, tell us what you think. Do these guys still do it for you? Share your thoughts below.