Is Beyonce’s Tush Just The Beginning?

It seems fans have gone from wanting to see their favorite artists in person to wanting to be a lot more personal with them. From slapping a tush, to touching a face, biting a knee, or trying to give a little smooch, today’s fans are feeling more and more awkwardly close to their much-loved performers.

Beyonce's booty

Has the internet made everyone feel as if everything’s ok? Do people feel as close these artists as they are to the computers or handheld devices where they may obsessively creep on these celebs?

Dr. Fran Walfish, Beverly Hills based Psychotherapist says the answer to a fan’s obsessions could stem from a multitude of issues.

“If entertainers do a good job, they create an intimacy with the audience and fan base that makes them feel like they’re being spoken to personally.  And some people have poor boundries. Knowing where you and that celeb begin and end can be confusing for some fans,” says Walfish.

Dr. Walfish goes on to say that some of bad fan behavior can also be linked to parents being over-worked and feeling too tired and guilty to set limits on children or “Parents submitting to the power of their children’s protestations.”

Whatever the reason a fan feels it’s ok to reach out and touch, it’s never ok. And though Beyonce recently admonished a fan after he smacked her bootylicious bottom, or Will Smith retaliated with a cuff to the face of man to tried to kiss him, we hope these celebs have good security on their payrolls. The escalation from “innocent” spanks or pecks could get pretty creepy.