Is DWTS Star Cheryl Burke the Next Bachelorette?

If things go her way, Dancing with the Stars’ Cheryl Burke will be doing some judging of her own on another reality show. But instead of Ballroom and Paso Doble skills, she will be judging men based on how well they can woo her.

The dancing pro has made it very clear that she is interested in being the next Bachelorette on the ABC show, should the execs determine she’s a good match.

“We’ll see what happens in the future,” Burke told reporters on Monday. “It’s not a firm offer. It hasn’t been an offer but if they offer it to me, I would love to do it.”

Why would a great catch like Burke need to go on a reality show to find love? Because according to the single girl, Hollywood isn’t the best place to go about doing so.

“It sounds crazy but I think I’m just so married to my work and I rarely meet new people” she explains. “I’ve been around the same people for the last six years. I have maybe a month and a half of down time and all I want to do during that time is be with my family and sleep so it’s hard for me to be introduced to guys. I make the wrong choices. I dated a couple of guys over the summer and it turned out all bad so I figure if someone were to make the choice for me, then maybe I would have a better chance. I would make a choice…out of a pool of men, hopefully there would be one special person.”

And since Melissa Rycroft  – now a contestant on DWTS – has first-hand experience with the dating show, Burke can look to her for advice. Rycroft said “I’ll help her weed out the ones who are not worthy.” Ahhh, television friendships.

In other Bachelorette news, former star Jillian Harris is doing something a little more selfless by camping out on the bitter and cold Canadian streets for a night, all in the name of charity.

The season 5 bachelorette reported to TMZ that she is teaming up with Covenant House to raise awareness and money for Vancouver’s homeless youth.

After a cold night with nothing more than a piece of cardboard and a sleeping bag, Hariss hopes to have raised $11,000 for the cause.

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