VIDEO: Is This Black Ring in the Sky a Real UFO? If Not, What Is it?

We’re not hear to pull one over on you. Certainly, we don’t want to sensationalize anything that’s not real. Most of the videos we find on UFOs and paranormal sightings are usually a work of some bored graphic designers, but this is real–whatever it is.

As you can hear in the audio recording, this sighting happened in England, when residents below the strange moving black circle noticed this odd thing hovering in the skies above them. That’s when they began making the video. Several voices can be heard trying to figure out what to make of this strange phenomena and no one seems to come up with a convincing answer.

It’s hard to say that it’s a UFO spaceship because it seems more like a hollow black ring in the sky with no actual spacecraft attached. Upon closer inspection it does indeed look smokey, and you can hear one of the people in the video mention that there had been a fire in the area recently. Still, it doesn’t look like a cloud of smoke. What would make a fire’s smoke turn into a perfect ring in the sky?

We’d like to hear what you make of this most recent sighting. Do you think it’s a UFO like many assume? Watch the full video and let us know below.