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Remember When MySpace Founder Tom Revealed He’s a Savage Beast — Or Did He?

It all began on Twitter in 2012 when MySpace founder Tom Anderson told the world that they didn’t need to worry about the new Instagram terms and conditions.

A Reddit user decided this morning to repost a conversation Anderson had with a random man. Within a handful of hours, the post has rocketed to the top on Reddit.

Here is the post for your viewing enjoyment.

my space tom comment

Strangely enough, the Reddit post completely disappeared. We’re not sure why; however, the topic is worth exploring — so let’s continue.

The reason Instagram users were worried about the terms and conditions was that the privacy policy inferred that the company could sell user photos. Many users decided to leave Instagram, and finally, the company explained that they wouldn’t be selling user photos like a stock photography site.

As such rules were being put into effect, social media leaders were constantly trying to quell fears. Fears haven’t disappeared, as documentaries like “Terms and Conditions May Apply” are beginning to freak humanity out.

Back in 2012, Anderson decided that he could help calm the masses by telling them not to worry. This is when the above encounter occurred.

As discussions surrounding his Twitter post went bonkers, it all brought up some pretty interesting topics — such as how organizations are requiring that their employees slave away for very little money and time off. Anderson was also coined an elitist by some, while others simply felt he was justified in shooting back the snide remark.

So the question remains, where Is Tom now? There hasn’t been much heard from him since last year. He hasn’t even posted on Instagram.

The following are his last three Instagram posts:

Whether you love Tom or hate him, it’s safe to say he just may be living ‘the dream.” While his 2012 comment was a bit callous, one thing is true — those who think out of the box tend to get out of the box!

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