ISIS Flag Burning Challenge Replaces Ice Bucket Challenge in Middle East

It all started when three extremely bold Lebanese teens took to the streets in Beirut to burn the ISIS flag. They posted a video (see within the above slideshow) calling for others to do exactly the same thing.

“I nominate the whole world to #Burn_ISIS_Flag_Challenge. You have 24 hours. GO!!” one of the young men wrote.

Following is call for action, men and women throughout Lebanon have taken action.

According to Mother Jonessome member of the Lebanese government aren’t happy. Minister of Justice Ashraf Rifi has stated that the “sternest punishment” for flag burners will be inflicted on those who follow the challenge due to the religious symbolism being desecrated. Additionally, he fears lash back from ISIS.

Word of the “Isis Flag Burning Challenge” is now spreading and the movement is expected to grow.

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