ISIS Twitter Accounts Go Gay After Hacking Spree

Hackers broke into over 200 ISIS Twitter accounts, putting up pro-LGBT messages as well as links to gay porn sites. This comes in the wake of the Orlando shooting, where a disgruntled American pledged his support to ISIS over a 9-1-1 call and then proceeded to kill 49 clubgoers and injured 53 others at the gay nightclub, Pulse. While the ISIS internet presence on Twitter had initially been in support of the gunman, they were soon singing a different tune once hackers were through with them.

“I did it for the lives lost in Orlando,” Anonymous hacker WauchulaGhost told Newsweek. WauchulaGhost replaced the pro-ISIS imagery and propaganda with images of gay pride rainbow flags and pro-LGBT messages. “Daesh [ISIS] have been spreading and praising the attack, so I thought I would defend those that were lost. The taking of innocent lives will not be tolerated.”


WauchulaGhost claims that he’s hacked over 200 pro-ISIS Twitter accounts, and doesn’t plan to stop anytime soon. Along with fellow hackers Yeti and Ebony, the group intends to continue their own crusade against ISIS. Their posts consist of the rainbow flag and even some links to gay pornographic sites, but they do not post explicit images out of respect to Islam.

“One thing I do want to say is we aren’t using graphic porn and our purpose is not to offend Muslims,” WachulaGhost says. “Our actions are directed at Jihadist extremists. Many of our own [group of hackers] are Muslim and we respect all religions that do not take innocent lives.”