Mom Brutally Crashes Car with Young Daughter in It While on Social Media

We’ve all been warned about the dangers of texting while driving, and have been warned not to do it. Most people don’t think about the other distractions that come with smartphones while driving, such as checking email or getting the latest updates on social media. Now in a new video campaign, AT&T is trying to raise awareness against all forms of distracted, dangerous driving practices.

The nearly four minute video is a part of the company’s It Can Wait campaign.

It starts out tracking the lives of multiple different characters. Two of those characters are a mother and daughter who get into a car to run errands. While driving the mother looks down at a social media post. Then out of nowhere she bashes directly into a truck. The driver of the pickup truck is a man who was just on the phone with his wife, and was going to watch his son’s baseball game that night. The video ends tragically with the terminal accident.

The short-video shows how in just a matter of seconds distracting yourself with an email, text, or social media post can ruin the life of multiple families.

Watch exactly what happens, and let us know your thoughts below.