WATCH: Italian Grandmas Try Olive Garden for the First Time

When it comes to women of a certain age and ethnicity, you don’t mess with certain things — particularly their food. With Jewish grandmothers, it’s chicken and matza ball soup; for Mexican abuelas, it’s often the family tamale recipe; and when it comes to Italian grandmas, it’s any Italian dish that they can make in the kitchen.

That’s why this video from Buzzfeed is so genius: Italian Grandmas Try Olive Garden for the First Time.

The video came out a while ago — back in 2015 to be exact. But when it came up in our Facebook memories and we gave it another watch, we knew we needed to share it again with readers.

We all know Olive Garden — of the all-you-can-eat breadsticks and soup/salad fame. The restaurant that helped many a starving college student survive by filling up on those same breadsticks and soup/salad combo so they could take home the entree for 1-2 meals later. Yeah, that place.

Back when this video was made, the company had gotten flack from everyday diners because it hadn’t changed much, and the food wasn’t as exciting to American’s growing tastes. That situation changed with a refreshed logo (which we didn’t love initially, but it’s grown on us), and some menu changes. Those came about thanks to pressure from activist investor Starboard Value, which sent a 294-page document to the chain criticizing its operations.

Did it work? Not instantly, but the company is still hanging in there. And for the purpose of the “Italian Grandmas Try Olive Garden” video, who cares? The YouTube video above was about old-school Italian grannies trying the restaurant chain’s signature dishes and offering their opinions of them.

These ladies are frank, not shy about sharing their opinion as they try to educate the viewer a little. Check it out and enjoy. It’s fantastico!