It’s Called ArcaBoard, and It Promises to Make Anyone Able to Fly by 2016

If you happen to have thousands of dollars to throw around, the ArcaBoard will give you six minutes of airtime on a single battery charge.

For the first time in history, every person will be able to fly whenever they want, wherever they want. ArcaBoard represents the first revolutionary breakthrough in motion since the bicycle, automobile and airplane.

ArcaBoard, an electric powered flying machine with 272 horsepower and 203,000 watts of installed power is the most powerful and lightest personal vehicle ever created. ArcaBoard represents total freedom of movement, total freedom of travel. ArcaBoard is a personal vehicle that can move in every possible direction including upwards.

The actual retail price of the hoverboard is $19,000. Shipments for the product will begin April 15, 2016.