It’s Impossible to Stay Angry at this EXTREMELY Sorry Dog (VIDEO)

For all you dog lovers out there, you know it’s hard to stay angry at your pooch for too long — no matter what evil act of hell they’ve committed.

However, this dog is breaking hearts all across the world. We don’t know exactly what this pup did, but his owner Anthony Federica Granai is adamant that he behave.

Granai says “no!” multiple times, yet the dog completely ignores his command and climbs onto his lap. The pup even goes as far as to put his head on his master’s chest.

The video is in Italian, yet you don’t need to understand his words to make sense of the situation.

The video has received 20 million views and still continues to soar.

According to the book Decoding Your Dog, experts Debra Horwitz and John Ciribassi debunk the myth that dogs actually feel guilt. In reality, your pet is most likely using that sulky body posture because it can read your emotions. They want to avoid any form of punishment that might follow.

Whether or not this dog feels true guilt, we can’t help but side with the little fellow and hope he is forgiven.

Watch the entire video below to see if Granai forgave his dog.