Jack Black, Morgan Freeman & Natasha Lyonne Break Down the Iran Nuclear Deal in 3 Minutes

Have you given up on following politics? Are you shocked that Mike Huckabee has made comments about Obama opening the door to another holocaust for Jews but have no idea what he’s talking about? You’re not alone. Many Americans have dropped out of politics and they steer clear of the news altogether unless it’s funny or just crazy stuff that has nothing to do with wars, famine and all that yucky stuff.

According to a CNN Poll, the majority of Americans are not happy about the Iran Nuclear Deal Obama made. But why? Despite the fact that this scandalous foreign policy now has its own wikipedia page, most Americans aren’t even sure why they don’t like the deal or what the deal is. Basically, they’re pissed at Obama but don’t even know¬†what the deal he made is all about. The Iran Nuclear Deal actually holds Iran accountable so that they cannot build nuclear weapons (read the wikipedia page for details) whereas they are under no obligation to stop developing such weapons if we don’t have a deal.

As confusing as it may be, it’s good to keep abreast of what our country is doing, so we thought we’d let you hear what some of our favorite celebs think about the deal Obama made which is pissing off many Republicans and Israel’s Netanyahu.

No, Obama is not¬†handing Iran a pass to go ahead and build nuclear weapons. It’s more complicated than that, but we won’t even attempt to explain it to you. Here are Jack Black Morgan Freeman and Natasha Lyonne to fill you in on the details.