WATCH: Teen Faces Life in Prison Over Hash Brownies

Jacob Lavoro, 19, assumed there would be no legal ramifications when he decided to make hash brownies and sell them for some extra cash. What he didn’t know was that he would find himself in jail and charged with a first-degree felony.

The reason is quite simple: He chose to use hash oil rather than marijuana. Hash oil weighs more than marijuana, which resulted in his brownies weighing 1.5 pounds. Texas law states that the entire weight of the brownies determines the weight of the drugs sold. This includes all ingredients such as cocoa, sugar, flour, butter, and more. This was enough to land him in major trouble.

If found guilty, Lavoro could face between 5 years to life in prison.

“This case highlights both the absurdity and devastation of our nation’s ongoing war on marijuana,” Erik Altieri, of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, told the Huffington Post.

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