This Author Will Give You $500k in Gold If You Can Solve His Book’s Puzzle

One author is offering one heck of an incentive for you to read his latest novel.

James Frey, 45, an author best known for penning the controversial A Million Little Pieces and creator of the young adult “Lorien Legacies” book series, is offering a whopping $500,000 in solid gold to the first reader that can solve the puzzle in his novel Endgame: The Calling.

The fantasy novel, co-written by Nils Johnson-Shelton and out on shelves today, concerns 12 young adults from all corners of the world as they attempt to decode their own series of puzzles in a worldwide scavenger hunt, in order to save the Earth from total destruction by alien forces. Frey apparently wants readers to do the same, minus the minor “end of the world” detail.

The book contains online links, strings of numbers, patterns and other clues scattered throughout that can apparently lead ambitious puzzle-solvers to a hidden key that will open a case of gold coins in the Caesar’s Palace hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The epic book release doesn’t end there either — there’s also a tie-in mobile app, a massive multi-player online game to be released within the next two months.The app will allow players to “fight” each other for more clues to the key’s location.

“Anybody in the world can win it,” Frey told Asia One. “We will know when somebody has solved the puzzle and we will make sure he is in a position to get to Caesars Palace.”

He and his company Full Fathom Five are putting up the money for the real-life adventure.

“I want to do it because I think it’s cool,” Frey said. “I want to see what happens. I want to do something no one has ever done before.”