WATCH: Florida ‘Miracle Baby’ with Half a Skull Meets Santa

A baby boy who was born with part of his skull missing has met Santa Claus for a series of adorable photos. Jaxon Buell, whose incredible story was shared all over the Internet with the #JaxonStrong hashtag, was pictured snuggling Santa recently and social media has gone into a frenzy over it.

In one of the images shared to Facebook, the little boy, who was wearing a “Kiss Me” t-shirt, got a peck from Santa. Jaxon, who is missing a large part of his brain and skull, also posed for another set of photos as his family thanked his supporters on a giant Christmas card.

Check out the new video above for a dose of inspiration and cuteness. And to learn more about Jaxon’s condition, check out our related stories section below.

Jaxon Buell is so cute, we’re all in love with him!




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