Teen Kills Four of His Friends Before Committing Suicide Because He Needs Them ‘on the Other Side’

In October of 2014, Jaylen Fryberg killed four of his closest friends at school and then himself. Three girls, Zoe Galasso, Gia Soriano, and Shaylee Chuckulnaskit, and his cousin Andrew Fryberg were all shot one by one in the cafeteria during lunch.

New investigation has brought to light additional information regarding his murder rampage.

Before his killing spree, it turns out that Fryberg sent his family mass messages in a group chat, explaining why he decided to kill his friends and what he wanted the family to do next.

“I want to be fully dressed in Camo in my casket,” he wrote. “I don’t want my family to cancel there trip in December. Put my hat with the S on it on me in my casket. Make sure all of my trust money or whatever goes to my brother.

Also apologize to Andrews fam and xx fam for me taking them with me. But I needed [the] ride or dies with me on the other side.”


After his justifications, he apologized to his family and told them he loved them.

Although his motives are still unclear, some of his classmates revealed to police that his girlfriend had broken up with him a day prior, and he might have been upset about it.

Witnesses say Fryberg told his friends to skip class the day of the shooting and meet him in the cafeteria. That’s when he stood up and started to shoot them from left to right. Neither Fryberg nor any of his four friends survived the shooting.

His father’s trial is set for September 21, for the illegal possession of the gun Fryberg used.