Jealous Boyfriend Texts Girlfriend’s Coworker & Instantly Regrets His Decision

jealous boyfriend texts girlfriends coworker

An unidentified man became quite jealous of his girlfriend’s coworker sending her a text message. In an effort to thwart any sort of behavior that may lead to cheating, the boyfriend decided to write the following text message — and what followed is quite intriguing.

jealous boyfriend 1

It became quite obvious that the jealous boyfriend wasn’t going to let up, so his girlfriend’s coworker decided he needed to make it even more obvious that they weren’t cheating.

jealous boyfriend 2

The jealous boyfriend obviously wasn’t convinced by this admonition, so his texting foe decided he needed to be as real as possible.

jealous boyfriend 3

What happened next left our jaws hanging a bit.

jealous boyfriend 4

Say what? After all of his accusing, jealous boyfriend has the audacity to cry like a baby about his girlfriend’s coworker getting up in his face? Who is this guy?

People never cease to amaze us!

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