Jealous Woman Tries to Stop Airplane Carrying Cheating Husband

Love can make you crazy — especially when you think the object of your affection is cheating on you.

Case in point: A Canadian woman scaled a 10-foot high barbed-wire fence at the Halifax Stanfield International Airport and ran across the tarmac to stop a plane from taking off. Why? She believed it was carrying her cheating husband on it.

According to The Chronicle Herald, the unnamed 37-year-old woman went to an airline counter and asked the employees to stop one of its planes. An employee, who didn’t want to use his name for fear it would “compromise his position” at the company, said that she believed her partner was on the aircraft and leaving to see another woman. When they wouldn’t do anything to help, she took matters into her own hands, driving toward the hanger, climbing the barbed-wire fence, and running onto the tarmac to stop the plane herself.

Airport authorities immediately jumped into action. Planes were rerouted, one worker was able to get her into a truck, and the woman was subdued by another until Royal Canadian Mounted Police could arrive and take her into custody. She was sent to a hospital for an assessment, and RCMP spokesman Sgt. Alain LeBlanc said they do not plan to press charges. (Proving, once again, that Canadians are very forgiving people.) He notes:

The fact that she was seen by the (navigation) tower very soon after she got on the airfield … is important in that they were able to ensure that no aircraft ever came near her. We don’t believe that there are (any gaps). But the details of how she got over that fence will be reviewed just to see if there’s anything else we would need to do in that area to ensure the airfield is as secure as we can make it.

In addition to a 10-foot fence, the airfield is protected by cameras and infrared sensors used to detect intruders.

As for the husband, LeBlanc says he wasn’t even on the plane. In fact, there’s been no proof that he was cheating on her.