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WATCH: Jean-Claude van Damme Does Middle Splits Between Two Trucks

Jean-Claude van Damme is still alive (some of our younger staffers were wondering that) and he’s still super flexible and strong as hell.

That’s what you discover in the Jean-Claude van Damme Volvo commercial posted above, where the former action hero is seen riding on the side mirrors of two Volvo trucks. However, as the melodic tune of Enya’s Jean-Claude-van-Damme-splits“Only Time” dances in the background (which is pretty genius and funny in itself), the two trucks slowly move apart, sending van Damme into middle splits — WHICH HE HOLDS FOR AN INSANELY LONG AMOUNT OF TIME.

Here’s the thing: That’s not just flexibility, that takes an insane amount of strength to hold your muscles and maintain that position for that long.

Jean-Claude-van-Damme-splits2You may recall that van Damme did this a lot in his movies back in the day, and fortunately there are a lot of images online if you’re looking for them. We posted some here for your amusement. But to see this guy at 53 doing middle splits like he was a young buck is pretty damn impressive.

According to Volvo, the ad was “set up to demonstrate the precision and directional stability of Volvo Dynamic Steering.” Yeah, sure. You ask us, the Jean-Claude van Damme Volvo commercial is really all about him proving that he’s still a bad-ass dude. Not just in the roles he played in movies, but in real life.

Check it out.

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