Jerry Seinfeld Refuses To Hug Kesha On The Red Carpet And It Was So Awkward

Seinfeld rejects Kesha
Not a hugger

Jerry Seinfeld and Kesha had probably the most awkward red carpet run-in of 2017 so-far after he turned down a hug from the singer three times.

Like a sketch straight out of his own show, Jerry was being interviewed on the red carpet at David Lynch Foundation’s National Night of Laughter and Song on Monday night where he was interrupted by the Tick-Tock singer.

She can be heard asking him: “I’m Kesha, I love you so much. Can I give you a hug?”

Seinfeld rejects Kesha
It’s so awkward

Which he replied with a “no thanks”. He even puts a hand up to fend her off, as she moves towards him, with the comedian looking terrified at the prospect of body-to-body contact.

Jerry can be seen backing away as she askes a further two times and after being ultimately defeated, Kesha finally ran away in embarrassment.

After she left, Jerry admitted: “I don’t know who that was.”

When he was told by Tommy McFly, who was interviewing him at the time, he replied with: “Ok…well, I wish her the best!”

The star was laughing, so we guess he saw the funny side but clearly had no idea who she was or why she might want to hug him.

Seinfeld rejects Kesha
Seinfeld rejects Kesha

Tommy later posted the awkward encounter to Twitter and declared that Seinfeld is “not a hugger”.

As ever Twitter loved the awkward exchange and reacted in the only way it could, by brutally mocking it.

I would watch Jerry Seinfeld denying people hugs all day. ?

— Allie Mac Kay (@alliemackay) 6 June 2017

Jerry Seinfeld denying Kesha a hug is oddly reminiscent of the episode where he’s tired of greeting kisses.

— Zach Swaim (@zachthomasprime) 6 June 2017

We can’t have 59584494848 discussions on respecting personal space and boundaries then say Seinfeld was rude lol

— AlternativeMike (@JustMDSJr) 6 June 2017