Jessica Cox Is the World’s First Licensed Armless Pilot

Whenever when you begin feeling like the world is against you, that the obstacles in your path are insurmountable, or the goals you have set for yourself are no more than pipe dreams — you should take a moment to reflect on the lives of those who have faced even more impossible odds just to achieve something that most of us take for granted.

Born without arms, Jessica Cox, 30, overcomes more obstacles on a daily basis than most of us will ever encounter in our lifetime. Not having arms doesn’t keep her from participating in a number of activities–from playing piano, learning to surf or driving a car.

The substantial accomplishments she has achieved have shown that anything is possible with determination.

Against all odds and with the strong faith of her mother and father, she put herself through school, typing papers with her toes. She is an international keynote, as well as a motivational speaker, and is the first armless black-blet in the American Taekwondo Association. The Arizona native first received attention in 2008 when the Guinness Book of World Records recognized her as the world’s only armless pilot.

“My mother is my model and she always told me that I could do all that I wanted to. My father never shed a tear since my birth, as he does not consider me to be a victim. It is difficult to be the father of a handicapped person. He was my base during the difficult moments and it was he who forged the person I am today,” she explained.

By overcoming her weaknesses, Jessica has elevated to the next level.

She was recently invited by Handicap International to work with disabled students in Ethiopia and is the subject of a documentary, Rightfooted, a film she hopes will encourage, inspire and motivate disabled youth around the world.