Jessica Simpson Reveals Struggle to Lose Baby Weight

Eating for two may be fun, but Jessica Simpson is learning the hard way indulging during pregnancy means paying a steep price after the birth.

The singer told USA Today, “I let myself indulge in everything I wanted because it was the first time I was ever pregnant, and I wanted to enjoy it. I wanted to be happy and eat what I wanted. I didn’t realize it didn’t all come off with the baby.”

Well, surprise surprise. Doctors recommend women put on no more than 25 pounds while pregnant, and Simpson gained a shopping 70 pounds during her pregnancy.

As an incentive to take the weight off, she signed on with weight loss giant Weight Watchers for a reported $4 million dollar pay day if she successfully shed all the weight within a year. Simpson reveals she’s lost weight every week since starting the program.

The big reveal on her progress will be next week when her first commercial for WW airs. She’ll also be on the premiere of the new talk show Katie with Katie Couric, next Monday, September 10.

Simpson credits Weight Watchers with helping her lose the weight healthfully, because  “I don’t believe in completely depriving myself.” She also credits workouts with her personal trainer Harley Pasternak, with helping to lose the weight. Simpson works out with him for an hour, four to five times a week.

What she wants the average woman to take away from her experience is that even though she’s a celebrity, she is the typical new mom, trying to lose the baby weight just like them. “I feel like everybody can do what I am doing,” says Simpson. “I’m not a supermodel. My body is not bouncing back like a supermodel. I’m just your everyday woman who is trying to feel good and be healthy for her daughter, her fiancee, and herself.”

Cheers to that!