Student’s New Transformable McDonalds Bag is the Most Convenient Thing Ever

Jessica Stoll is currently a student at Arizona State University. Part of the curriculum of one of her classes was to redesign an existing package. Immediately, Stoll thought of McDonald’s.

The fast-food chain that has been making Americans happy (and obese) would be the subject of her project.

She decided to redesign the design of the bag that the meals come in. Her goal was to “capture the simple delight of a child opening up a Happy Meal, while understanding that reality is often hectic and complicated.”

On her website, she writes that the product should not be taken too seriously, but is just for enjoyment and some entertainment. We’re not sure if we agree with her thoughts, as the packaging is beautiful!

Her innovative design features handles to carry the meal, fold-able sides to eat while sitting, and a standing upright stationary box to eat at a table.

What do you think about the design?

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