Jimmy Fallon & ‘Guys With Kids’ Cast in ‘History Of TV Theme Songs’

You have to love Jimmy Fallon. The SNL-alum has created a fun talk show that isn’t just your usual interview with celebs kind of thing that we’ve grown accustomed to on late night TV. He and his writing team bring a background in sketch comedy and improv to create a show that’s different from the usual fare. It’s also a hell of a lot younger feeling. And all of those elements come together in this super cool segment from an episode this week.

The cast from the new Guys With Kids TV show was on, and the conversation turned to classic shows and their theme songs– which is a surefire way to get a crowd fired up and singing along. They start with The Jeffersons and move through many of the iconic shows and theme songs from the 1970s to 1990s. Think Friends, Cheers, The Greatest American Hero, Mary Tyler Moore, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and everything in between.

As you watch, you’ll probably find yourself humming along. And as you see the audience getting into it, you’ll kind of wish you’d been there to join in. I know we did. Check it out.