Jimmy Kimmel Attacks ‘Dictator’ Donald Trump Over Firing Of FBI Director James Comey

Donald Trump

Donald Trump’s decision to fire FBI director James Comey, not only came as a shock to him it’s caused controversy across the U.S.

Comey was in the middle of investigating potential ties between the Trump campaign and the Russian government when he was fired on Tuesday, with President Trump claiming he had “lost confidence” in the abilities of the director.

Of all Trump’s moves since taking over at the White House, this has caused the biggest firestorm and Jimmy Kimmel did not hold back when addressing it on Tuesday night, calling the president a “dictator”.

“It was yet another crazy day in the United States of America,” he said.

“This is the kind of thing dictators do,” he said before comparing Trump’s behavior to his role on Celebrity Apprentice where “they fire someone every week.”

“We’ve seen a lot of unusual stuff, but this is outrageous,” he continued.

James Comey, FBI Director
James Comey, FBI Director

Kimmel was far from the only one to share their opinion on the sacking, with people from all sides piling in to criticize Trump.

Even Edward Snowdon, Comey’s most notorious rival, condemned the decision, writing on Twitter: “Set aside politics: every American should condemn such political interference in the Bureau’s work.”

He continued: “This FBI Director has sought for years to jail me on account of my political activities. If I can oppose his firing, so can you.”

The administration claimed the decision to fire the FBI director was over his handling of Hillary Clinton’s use of private emails.

Many have drawn parallels with Richard Nixon’s firing of the special prosecutor investigating the Watergate affair in October 1973, named the Saturday Night Massacre.

The New York Times has even gone so far as to claim Trump fired Comey to halt the investigation into the Russia links for fear, like Nixon, he would also be impeached.

The paper claimed in an editorial: “Mr Comey was fired because he was leading an active investigation that could bring down a president. Though compromised by his own poor judgment, Mr. Comey’s agency has been pursuing ties between the Russian government and Mr. Trump and his associates, with potentially ruinous consequences for the administration.”