This Is Proof Your Job Sucks

Let’s be honest there are some days we love our jobs and there are other’s we all wish our job was just a day at the beach. Well if you work for then your job literally is a day at the beach. The Britain based office gives it’s employees some of the best job perks ever! We’re talking about free food, beach access and even some quite time to enjoy a movie. 

According to The Mirror the 38,000 square foot office recently had almost $3 million in renovations to give it’s employees the perfect balance of work and play. The office space now has an open-air theater, pool tables, indoor beach, and free food. ditched the idea of boring conference rooms and instead transformed their boardroom into a colorful Las Vegas themed room, complete with flat screens and a poker table. They also encourage their employees to come to work hungry and grab breakfast for free in their in-house diner.

Between the beach and free food this company sounds more like an all inclusive cruise than an office. I guess this is proof that your job really does suck or that you just may need to rethink your career path.