Joint-Loving Cardio: 5 Fun & Exciting Low-Impact Workouts

Exercise is important – we all know that, but if you suffer from joint discomfort it can be difficult to hit the pavement hard without experiencing pain and causing damage. Low-impact workouts are often the alternative for those who have issues with their joints and are also recommended for others to give their bones a break.

But if you want to stay away from the boring swimming and golf-type exercises typically recommended for the weak-jointed  then the following list is what you’re looking for.

Fun, effective and a little unconventional, these five cardio activities get you moving, don’t place stress on those achy-breaky joints, and keep things exciting and varied.

1) Snow-shoeing: Take advantage of the cold season and get out to the snow. This activity uses resistance to burn more calories than walking on dry land, but is still kind to your joints. It’s a win-win!

2) Juggling: Admit it, you’ve fantasized about joining the circus at least once. Even if you’ve left those thoughts behind, it might be time to give the art of juggling another chance. The unexpected low-impact cardio activity can burn up to 280 calories per hour, and is also a great stress reliever.

3) Kayaking: This is one water sport we can really get into. Kayaking works out the arms and core muscles and torches up to 400 calories in just one hour.

4) Ballroom dancing: Turn up the heat with this sexy workout that’s sure to provide a great time. Twirl, dip and move to the music without worry with this easy-on-the joints fun fest.

5) Walking: You might not think walking is exciting, but it’s one of our favorite low-impact cardio activities. You can do it anywhere, anytime, and all you need are a pair of shoes (read: it’s super cheap). Plus it has bone-building benefits that aren’t found in other forms of low-impact cardio, according to MSN Fitbie.