Before Jon Hamm Was Don Draper, He Went on a Dating Show and Got Turned Down – TWICE!

Before he was Don Draper, and before his large package began stirring up controversy on the set of Mad Men, Jon Hamm was your typical 25-year-old guy with 90s hair and horrible game.

Back in 1996, Hamm went on the incredibly cheesy and short-lived dating game show The Big Date, hosted by Mark Wahlberg.

And… he lost.

Despite the fact that, today, any woman in their right mind would never ever consider passing up the opportunity to let this highly sought-after gentleman take them out for a drink, the 90s were a different story.

Maybe it was because Hamm used the word “fabulosity”?

Either way, those women are now probably wishing they would have let the guy give them a foot massage.