The Beauty Blogger with a Message that Goes Beneath the Makeup

She is a beauty blogger who has something makeup can’t hide. Jordan Bone has grown her audience over YouTube to 91,000, but it was her latest video that made her a viral sensation. It’s a post titled ‘My Beautiful Struggle,’ and it talks about something that has impacted Jordan’s life tremendously.

If you have ever watched some of her makeup tutorial videos then you have noticed she doesn’t show much of herself and keeps the camera very close on her face. You would have also noticed that she holds her brushes a little differently. Well, that is because in 2005 at the age of 15, Jordan became a tetraplegic after a car accident and can no longer open her hands.

In the emotional video above, she talks about how she can’t dress herself or do her own hair, but she can do her own makeup. As Jordan says applying makeup has become her thing.