Man Builds AMAZING Yet Cost Efficient House with Shipping Containers

Joseph Dupuis, an engineer and entrepreneur, built an amazing home in the woods of Canada using three shipping containers from Asia.

He bought each shipping container for $3,400 each and used them to create a cost-effective and self-sustaining home on land owned by his family.

His workshop near the home is plastered with solar panels that power the home. The beauty of his unique residence is that it costs him close to nothing.  He told Daily Mail Online that his monthly phone bill was his most expensive bill.

After living in the home for two years, he wants to expand and add pieces to it. A fourth container with glass ceilings will be placed on top of the initial three for a breathtaking nighttime view of the stars.

He seems to be happy and living his best life. Dupuis said, “I am surviving on next to nothing income and I have a very happy life.”

Definitely living the dream!

Photos: ViralThread