Doctors Are Completely Clueless Why This 10-Month-Old Girl Is Morbidly Obese (VIDEO)

Juanita Valentina Hernandez is only 10-months-old, and yet, she already weighs 44 pounds. That’s as much as your typical five-year-old!

Barcroft TV reported that the little Colombian girl is currently undergoing a series of tests to help doctors determine the cause of her sudden weight gain.

Her mother, Sandra Franco, has become increasingly worried about what’s going on.

In an interview, she told Barcroft:

When she was fifteen days old she was already looking chubby, because she was born very thin. Since then she’s been gaining weight. Now she is ten months old and I have realised that she has morbid obesity. Until now I haven’t been able to treat her because I am unemployed and didn’t have the money.

Thankfully, last month a charity called Gorditos de Corazon, or Chubby Hearts, took Juanita to the capital so that she could be seen by specialists.

According to the charity, if there is no intervention before one-years-old, she could be susceptible to various illnesses linked to obesity.

Hear more about Juanita’s story in the video featured above.