Judge Demands Bindi Irwin to Show Proof Dad Is Dead

Bindi Irwin the animal love turned dancing diva is now being forced to show proof to a judge that her dad is actually dead. The 17-year-old is competing on the ABC show “Dancing with the Stars” in which prior to starting, her mother signed a contract stating that all the money her daughter makes from the show belongs to Bindi.

The contract is only necessary because Bindi is underage. However, when taken to court the judge demanded her father’s signature or proof that the late Steve Irwin is in fact dead. According to TMZ this is the breakdown of how much the teenager will be making once everything is cleared by the L.A. Superior Court judge.

– She is guarenteed $125,000

– By making it to week 3 and 4 she gets an additional $10,000 per week

– By making it to week 5 she gets another $15,000

– By making it to weeks 6 and 7 she gets $20,000 a week

– By making it to weeks 8 and 9 she gets $30,000 a week

– If she makes it to weeks 10 and 11 she gets $50,000 a week