This Junkyard Dog Walks 8 Miles a Day for One Remarkable Reason

Dogs are capable of doing some amazing things, like teaching us about compassion, connection and mindfulness.

Despite the fact that dogs have long been regarded as man’s best friend, it appears they are also thoughtful when it comes to their fellow canine companions.

Meet Lilica, a junkyard dog from Brazil. She has a heart of gold. Every single day, she walks a total of eight miles in order to find food to feed herself and her friends. One day, the pooch met a very kind teacher, Lucia, who fed her some food in a plastic bag. After Lilica realized that she could devour some of the food and then take the remains home with her, she began to follow this routine every time she was given food.

Some people may say that Border Collies and Poodles are the most intelligent dogs, but the sheer scale of Lilica’s abilities make her deserving of being one of the most amazing dogs on the planet.

The remarkable story of Lilica’s travels and kindness can be seen in the news clip above.

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