Jeff Goldblum Shows Up for Epic ‘Jurassic Park’ Wedding Photo

This wedding photo would’ve been awesome¬†without Jeff Goldblum, but it became that much more epic thanks to the presence of the Dr. Ian Malcolm.

One couple decided to honor their big day with the best kind of wedding photo: a Jurassic Park wedding photo, inspired by everyone’s favorite movie about prehistoric reptiles terrorizing innocent scientists and annoying children.

The picture depicts a tyrannosaurus Rex chasing the entire wedding party, Goldblum among them. The t-Rex is photoshopped CGI, unfortunately, but Goldblum is not.

The acclaimed character actor attended, along with his fiancee Emilie Livingston, the wedding of Pamela and Jesse Sargent, the couple at the forefront of the below photo. I’ve blathered on enough about the photo. It’s just below, so click upon it for higher quality and gaze upon its glory.