‘It Just Goes Kablooie’ – Little Boy Describes His First Kiss Ever

We’ll admit: Our first kiss ever wasn’t all that great. It was awkward and sloppy and left us wondering why people make such a big deal out of the whole smooching thing.

But the lucky kid in the video above will always have pleasant memories when he looks back at his first kiss. Watch as the youngster grapples with finding the right words to describe the feeling, until he perfectly sums it up by saying, “It just goes kablooee.”

The best kisses always do. Check it out.

The video originally came from America’s Funniest Home Video channel on YouTube back in 2016; however, since then a bunch of other people have ripped it and reposted as their own. We tried finding the original AFV link — because we respect them and their work — but couldn’t find it. Fortunately, their logo is still on the screen so you know its origins.