Justin Bieber Drives on Sidewalk, Almost Kills Elderly Woman

Oh, hey Justin Bieber. Haven’t seen you in a while. What are you up to? Oh, something dumb, you don’t say? Alright, well see you later, have a crappy day.

Justin Bieber was recently caught on camera riding his Can Am Spyder — a three-wheeled bike — in Beverly Hills on Thursday. But that isn’t the story. It seems Bieber got bored of sitting in the inevitable Los Angeles traffic, and decided to take his Can Am onto the sidewalk to get around faster, endangering who knows how many pedestrians.

Of course, this is illegal, especially considering Bieber came dangerously close to hitting a handicapped woman as he skidded off the curb and back onto the street. Seconds later, he’s rocking out while waiting at a light, completely unperturbed.

It’s interesting to note that Bieber is still on probation for egging a neighbor’s house in nearby Calabasas, which means he’s not supposed to breaking any laws, or else. Lucky for him no cops were around to see this reckless episode the other day.

For any curious readers looking for new reasons to hate Justin Beiber, you can watch the whole incident over at TMZ. Enjoy.