Justin Bieber Flips Over a Girl on Instagram, Asks His Belieber’s to Identify Her

justin bieber asks fans about a girl

Justin Bieber was an enjoying a regular old day when he happened upon something that completely floored him.

It was a young woman with long brown hair and a set of glossy Hazel eyes on Instagram. He couldn’t help but try and figure out who the heck she is.

Bieber then pleaded with his fans to help him identify her. He wrote, “OMG who is this!” and posted the following photo:

Cindy Kimberl

His fans then jumped into action.

They then discovered that the girl referred to herself as Cindy Kimberly, and she has a massive habit of posting selfies on her Instagram account by the name of “wolfiecindy.”

She was notified that the Bieber was completely taken with her photo and she responded as follows:

wolfcity cindy kimberly

Fans also found a Tumblr account registered under the same name. Within her account, she claims to be 17-years-old and from Spain. She also responded to a handful of questions from his fans, revealing that she has never had plastic surgery and she’s not a model.

The image that Bieber posted has garnered more than 700,000 likes.

So the question remains… will the Biebs try to meet with Cindy? The only answer we have is, “only time will tell!”