Calvin Klein Gave Justin Bieber Muscles (BEFORE & AFTER PHOTOS)


This week saw the release of Calvin Klein’s photo campaign starring controversial pop singer Justin Bieber and model Lara Stone, sparking annoyed indifference from most adults and enraged emails from Beliebers furious at Stone for daring to touch their teen idol. Check out a slide show of those images here.

The teeny boppers who also defended Bieber’s brilliant body might be distressed to learn that those hunky photos were heavily doctored.

In the pre-Photoshop pictures Bieber leaked online, it isn’t difficult to see that Calvin Klein, a company notorious for their liberal Photoshop use, blessed the scrawny Bieber with larger pecs, abs, quads, biceps and, of course, a more pronounced bulge. Sorry Beliebers, he’s not that well-endowed. posted the leaked Justin Bieber Calvin Klein ad photos in GIF form on their Instagram account. Spot the differences below!

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