Justin Bieber Look-Alike Toby Sheldon Found Dead

Justin bieber look alike dead

Tobias Strebel — the man who became famous for spending more than $100,000 to look like Justin Bieber — has been found dead in a Motel 6 in Los Angeles’ San Fernando Valley.

Strebel, who also went by the name Toby Sheldon, was reported missing on August 18th. According to Entertainment Tonight, the 35-year-old was last spotted in West Hollywood, California but his family and friends had no idea what happened to him after that. Investigators with the Los Angeles Police Department theorized that his disappearance may have been triggered by a breakup with his boyfriend.

Now it turns out that Strebel’s body was discovered on August 21, but the news had been kept quiet until last night. TMZ got confirmation from law enforcement that his body had been discovered, and that “police found drugs in the room but it’s unclear how he died.”

Strebel appeared on reality shows Botched and My Strange Addiction, where he recounted his love and admiration for Bieber.

“What brought me to Bieber was the whole package: the full cheeks, the full temples, the bright open eyes, the full luscious lips, and spacial framing,” he said during his appearance on E!’s Botched. “[He’s] just extraordinarily beautiful.”

Strebel spent five years and more than $100K try and look like Bieber, even undergoing three hair transplants and spending $21,000 just to get the pop star’s hairdo.

“I didn’t necessarily listen to his music or fawn over him as a celebrity, but his face was just so flawless every change I made was modeled after him,” Sheldon told the Daily Mail.