VIDEO: Is This Transgender Justin Bieber Lookalike the Better Singer?

Singer songwriter Jordan O’Gorman is a Justin Bieber lookalike who was born a girl called Hannah. Today, he is campaigning to end transphobic abuse with his very own rap single after being bullied at school for being different.

It’s pretty often that 18-year-old O’Gorman gets mistaken for the Bieb, which is huge for O’Gorman, who told the Mirror:

“I’m a huge fan of Justin’s. As I grew up he was my inspiration. I plastered his posters over my walls and desperately wished I could be just like him. Growing up, I felt like I was trapped in the wrong body. I wanted to go and play football with the boys instead of playing with dolls. As I got older I bought my first baseball hat which is the same as Bieber’s and tried it on at home in my bedroom. I longed to be able to go out dressed like this, like how I truly felt inside, but I was worried about what people would think.

O’ Gorman was 14 years old when he got sick of hiding his true identity. He finally told his mother that he wanted to be a boy. This was in the middle of a puberty which was very awkward for O’Gorman, who was beginning to get curves and attention from boys–two things he didn’t want. Luckily, his mom was very supportive when he came to her with his truth. She even told him, “It’s okay, I already knew.”

After the blessing from his mother, he cut off his hair and styled it just like Justin Bieber’s. He also swapped his skirts for trousers. That Monday he introduced himself at school as Jordan.

O’Gorman future plans are to have testosterone therapy, and one day he plans to have gender re-assignment surgery.

“I’m taking it one step at a time,” he explains. “I’d also like to have my breasts removed but fortunately they’re very small so I don’t have to bind them down.”

At school, not everyone was so supportive as O’ Gorman’s mother and his closest friends.

“Some pupils began bullying me, calling me ‘she/he’. It was hard to deal with and over time it eroded my self-esteem.”

So O’ Gorman began campaigning to end discrimination against the transgender community. That’s when he wrote and produced a two-minute song, which gives young people a voice so they can campaign on issues they feel strongly about. He urges people to stand up to transphobic and homophobic abuse.

Please listen and share Jordan O’ Gorman’s song and story so that people will think twice before bullying another transgender person again.