Justin Bieber Offered a Calvin Klein Modeling Contract

Well, it looks like the Biebs has been putting in some extra hours at the gym and posting shirtless photos of himself in Calvin Klein underwear on his Instagram for just one reason: to go from world’s most hated pop star to Calvin Klein model.

The Daily Mail reports that the 20-year-old hopeful rapper recently shot a campaign in the iconic underwear and will be featured alongside Kendall Jenner.

A Calvin Klein source said: “Justin has shot for Calvin Klein, we hope the results will be released later this year.”

Sometimes, the men in Calvin Klein ads look way too into themselves, which makes this the perfect job for Bieber.

It’s not known how much he’s getting for the campaign, and it’s not like he needs the cash, but Kate Moss’s first contract was reportedly worth $1.2 million.

Following a long series of questionable decisions, legal scuffles and PR disasters, maybe this endeavor will help his attempt at not looking like a tool. Wait, nevermind.

How do you think he ranks up there with Marky Mark and Kellan Lutz as a Calvin Klein model?