A Justin Bieber Ringtone Saves a Man’s Life by Scaring Off a Bear

These days if Justin Bieber is in the news, you can usually guess it’s for a bad reason. Whether he’s getting into legal trouble, dodging (some may say, well deserved) punches to the face, or just being Justin Bieber, you can bet it’s not a positive story.

This time however, the Biebs’ name is popping up online for a surprisingly great reason. Although, don’t go giving him any kind of real credit quiet just yet.

A Russian man was on his way to a fishing spot in northern Russia when he got the scare of a lifetime and was attacked by a big brown bear.

As the bear furiously clawed at Igor Vorozhbitsyn, his cell phone rang and Justin Bieber’s voice came through the device – his ringtone was set to “Baby.”

Apparently the bear hated the song and was so put off, he ran off, sparing Vorozhbitsyn’s life. That’s what we want to believe, but wildlife experts believe it was the unexpected nature of the ringtone that scared off the bear.

Whatever the case is, the 42-year-old suffered severe bruises on his chest and face and cuts on his neck. Fishermen found him after the attack and used his phone to summon help.

In case you’re wondering why a 42-year-old Russian dude had “Baby” set as his ringtone, Vorozhbitsyn says his granddaughter had loaded the song onto his phone “for a joke.”

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