Justin Bieber Takes #1 Twitter Ranking from Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga, you’ve been dethroned by the Biebs.

The 18-year-old singer/heartthrob surpassed Lady Gaga this morning with over 33,337,997 Twitter followers to her 33,332,282.

Gaga has held the number one Twitter ranking since 2010, but Bieber has been gaining on her, adding new followers at an average of 37,000 daily. Neither has publicly commented on the shift in power.

Expect to see these two musical phenomenon’s to battle out the number one spot for the remainder of the year if album and concert sales are any indication of ongoing popularity.

Katy Perry has solidly held onto her third place Twitter spot with 31.5 million followers, while President Obama rounds out the top five with 26 million followers.

Don’t worry Gaga—your Facebook fans still love you. She’s near the 55 million “like” mark to Bieber’s 51 million. Who says friends don’t outrank followers?