Justin Bieber’s Calvin Klein Ads Blow Up the Internet

And we’re so annoyed because we can’t stop looking at them.

We don’t really love the Biebs. We laugh when he crashes on a skateboard, can’t believe when he gets into trouble with the law (again), and point out his douchbaggery at every given shot. But even we have to admit — the boy has some good Photoshopped ads alongside smokin’ hot model Lara Stone.

The public seems to agree — even those who aren’t Bieber fans. The hashtag that was created for the event, #mycalvins, is all over Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and every other social media website. And while many of us would like to think that it’s only teenage girls fawning over his photos, there have to be more to be creating this kind of social buzz.

Bieber is just one in a long line of handsome guys who have shed their street wear to pose in CK briefs. The first, and arguably the most notable, was Mark Wahlberg, but in later years such celebs as Antonio Sabàto, Jr. and David Beckham all did the deed and got just as much attention.

Can the Biebs beat them? Check out Justin Bieber’s Calvin Klein ads in the slide show above. We end with the teaser for the upcoming commercial.