Justin Timberlake is ‘Ready’ to Make Music Again

Last August the internet went crazy with rumors about Justin Timberlake working on a new album. Then hearts broke when Billboard put the rumors to rest, confirming that there was in fact no new album forthcoming.

But now, Timberlake fans can rejoice again because it seems the singer is ready to bring the sexy back and this time, the news comes straight from the horse’s mouth.

Timberlake put out a teaser video on Twitter that has the interweb buzzing again. In vague terms he tells fans new music is a-coming and to make us ever-the-more anxious, there’s also a countdown clock on his website clicking down the days, hours, minutes, seconds until something happens. We’re not sure what — a new announcement? New audio? New video? We’ll have to wait and find out.

Until then, check out the video to get hints about the singer’s next project.

If things pan out, and we have both Destiny’s Child and JT making music once more, then all we can say is: The world is a good place again.