Kangaroo Dog with No Front Legs Becomes Worldwide Celebrity

Meet Estrella, the so-called “kangaroo dog” that has been winning the hearts of people all over the world.

Estrella was born in Peru without her front legs. She gets around by hopping like a kangaroo, and while she currently has a sort of celebrity status, her story almost became a much darker one.

Estrella was discovered by Ivan Escobar and his wife, who also happened to be owners of a local animal shelter. She was six months old and had been abandoned on the streets to fend for herself. The owners took her in, adopted her into their family, and now she’s become one of the happiest animals in the city. Even better, her new-found fame has brought attention to this privately-owned animal shelter, and donations have poured in. This has allowed the owners to take in even more strays, and help control the local pet population.

Check out Estrella hopping about in the video above. It’s clear that this little creature doesn’t let her disability stop her from living a happy, full life.