Kanye West Wants This Photo Removed from the Internet

Actually, we don’t know for sure that Kanye West, a.k.a. Mr. Kim Kardashian, wants this photo removed from the internet, but that simple Reddit posting has made the “Kanye West kissing himself” image go viral like nothing we’ve seen this week. Here’s the full picture.


And here’s the original.


The original photo came out of the Grammy Awards, and some smart photoshopper (we think from Buzzfeed BFF given the logo in the lower right) did the face swap. On one hand, it could just be a silly image and that’s that. On the other hand, it could be a really savvy person making a commentary on the whole narcissism that surrounds the entertainment industry as a whole, and the fame of reality show stars whom we’ve come to love in particular.

What’s even more interesting — looking at this from a social media / pop culture standpoint — is how that headline alone made this image go viral. “Kanye West kissing himself” is actually a Google search term. And, just like people love to see ugly pictures of Kim Kardashian, or stories that make fun of her butt, or even lists that bash on the Kardashian clan as a whole (we know these stories very well), if you say that a reality star / celebrity doesn’t want something done, it will immediately cause audiences to react in the opposite manner.

As one Reddit user noted, “Saying “X person wants this removed from the internet” is just the new way of begging for upvotes.”

True enough. In the meantime, we’re going to post this image on our Facebook page. Check out a real report about the infamous kiss to Kim K. below, as well as Kanye’s Grammy rant against Beck.