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Why Women Are Flipping for Kate Hudson’s New Athletic Line

Did you know that actress Kate Hudson can now add “Entrepreneur” to her list of credits? The celebrity-turned-mom-turned-businesswoman recently co-founded a company called Fabletics, which offers top-quality active wear online at amazing prices. The clothes are super cute (check out the slide show above), really comfortable — whether you’re in yoga, at the gym, or running errands — and the average outfit (including top and bottom) is no more than $60; shipping is also free for orders over $49.95.

“I want every woman to be able to afford great quality, great fit, and hip styles,” Hudson recently shared. “For me, the most exciting thing about Fabletics has been making sure we’re designing for every woman and every body type.”

How Fabletics Works

1. Create a Lifestyle Profile – When you sign on, you take a short, fun lifestyle quiz. This helps the company’s stylists know which activities you love, the types of clothing you prefer, and what body parts you like showing off.

2. Get Personalized Recommendations – The stylists email you hand-selected outfit recommendations each month. You’ll see right away whether or not you like them, as well as how great the prices are.

3. Shop – This is the best part! You can buy from the recommended outfits or skip the month altogether. You are NEVER forced into buying anything — there is no obligation whatsoever. They also make returns easy and convenient.

VIP Member Perks

When buying clothes, regular members pay the usual low-cost price. However, VIP members receive additional perks and discounts. For example, on your first purchase, VIP members instantly receive 50%. So, your first 2-piece outfit, top AND bottom, is only $25! Free shipping and easy exchanges included, so you can see how the savings add up fast.

Will it actually beat out Lululemon? Who can say. But for the consumer, competition is a great thing!

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