Kate Middleton Scores Vanity Fair‘s Best-Dressed List 2012, While Karl Lagerfeld Disses Pippa’s Face

The Middleton girls are getting a royal dose of publicity right now, and not just because of Kate’s appearances at the London Olympics.

First up, Vanity Fair released its highly-anticipated Best-Dressed List for 2012 in its September issue. This is the 73rd list of its kind, and it honors the celebs, royals and other notables who wore the best threads this year. Some have criticized the list because many of this year’s names were the same as last year’s; it makes one wonder if they would also go after Forbes magazine for putting Bill Gates or Oprah Winfrey on their “Powerful” or “Most Influential” lists. But we digress…

Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton made one of the magazine’s two covers wearing a lavender Alexander McQueen gown, though to be fair it’s a stock stock photo from last summer’s Royal Tour because she doesn’t pose for covers. Nevertheless, she is heralded on the cover as “Kate The Great,” and while she is not the only Royal in the bunch (Prince Harry is in there, along with many others).