Enter a Grimm’s Fairy Tale with Katerina Plotnikova’s Photographs

We love photographers who find new ways to look at things.

And Katerina Plotnikova fits perfectly into that category.

She captures surreal interactions between humans and animals that look downright otherworldly. The mood of this series of photos falls somewhere between fairy tale and horror story.

As the headline says, the forested setting, the women’s clothing, and the anthropomorphic animals’ poses give a distinct fairy tale vibe. But I’m not talking about a Disney movie–there’s something sad and inexplicably creepy about the photographs too, making them even more intriguing.

Ms. Plotnikova herself describes the series of photos as “another tale about wonderland.” She evokes a powerful and almost indescribable mood using light, color, and a distinct environment while getting extremely striking poses from all her models, whether they be human, bear, or raccoon.

Although you might be hoping that these friendly animals just wandered out of the woods and started posing for the photoshoot, the ambitious photographs were actually taken with the assistance of two professional animal trainers.

If you’re interested in seeing more of Katerina Plotnikova’s photography, you can check out her site, or follow her on Twitter and Facebook using the links below.


Twitter: @koshka_vspyshka

Facebook: Katerina Plotnikova Photography